Chick-Full-o WHAT!!!
As the Ol’ Bard might have said “Much ado about nothing”. Seems many are trying to pull a “reverse” on the old political cannon that “All politics are LOCAL politics” to; insignificant local politics should be elevated to the national level. Attempting to align national politicians with Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno blocking a building permit is just grabbing at straws. It only serves to stir the ever growing pot of vitriolic and useless banter.
As a nation we have far more important things to worry about than one fast food monger, Chicago politics, or gay marriage. Hell people, we’re STILL AT WAR.

The chick-no-gay folks seem to have lost their collective way when it comes to tolerance and forgiveness. Also, their freedom of speech fulcrum seems to ignore that freedom of expression is a two way street.
Conservative Christians and other right wingers seem to forget too that not offering the “Peace of Jesus” to everyone without requite, is an act of denying the single most important tenant of Christianity.
Love the Lord above all others and to extend that love to everyone without requite and without measure. You know…just like IT says. Bring into your house the alien, feed him, give him your cloak, expect nothing in return and then invite him back.

One more item than seems to escape the language of the day is Forgiveness. The Lord himself tells us that we must be as He is. All forgiving. We are all challenged to look beyond the weakness of others.
In any event, for all those who eat at Chick-Fil-A, enjoy your meal and pray that the extra revenue generated by all the “eat in’s” might trickle down to the worker bee’s punchin’ the clock. I’m sure it sent Dan Cathy crying all the way to his broker. Likewise, gay couples will most likely not alter their lifestyle, nor will a “kiss-in” change anyone’s economic future.
As an old friend used to say “hell, eat more opossum”.
And, if Jesus were here today would he chastise gay men and women or would he chastise those who do not follow the tenant which He himself gave to us. Perhaps He would just ask us to recline, and share the loaves and fishes in the Peace of His Word.
“Give to Cesar the things that are Cesar’s…”
You know the rest…


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