Covid 19…the enemy?

We have been told that this disease is a global enemy.  At every front, the battle cry  “We are in this together”.  Mask up, distance, wash up.  If we all do our part we will win this war.

As in other wars, nations band together, share assets, share intelligence and share information to defeat their common enemy.  One has to ask.  Why aren’t we all sharing?  Is it because there is money to be made?  It’s not like Dupont selling gun power.  It’s not like an embargo on steel or high tariffs on soybeans.  So what if France finds the cure first, so what if it England or China or even Russia, as long as there is a cure or  pharmaceutical  mitigation.

We have shut the door to sharing data and innovation, and therefore turned back the clock, stifled development and testing which further delay finding a curative. 

The door to corona virus research should be open to every qualified facility, organization, entity, country…  whomever.  If it means that big pharma looses a buck or two, so what. 

Lastly, if POTUS didn’t care about Russian hacking in the past then why worry about it now.  Bundle the data, put it on a zip drive and sent it to them.  Perhaps their expat virologists are better than our expat virologists.  Its a global pandemic, it requires a global response.  Discovery credit and cost notwithstanding.

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