What! Only $5.7B?

Our local ABC affiliate (a Sinclair Broadcasting property) offered quite a simplistic quantification of how much $5.7 billion would cost each American. The amount was $17 and change. His math is unquestionable. He simply divided $5.7billion by the total population of the U.S. If it were as simple as that I would say, no worries, however that’s not the bottom line.

The Trump frequently mentions the $5.7billion. He avoids mentioning the additional $7 or $8 billion for the required additional agents, electronics, vehicles, processing facilities and transportation costs in the first year.

The reporter also indicated that it was ONLY $5.7billion and a drop in the bucket when compared to the entire Federal Budget. True compared to the “operating funds” required to run a nation the Wall Money hardly moves the needle. But, consider what the total of approximately $13 billion will buy.

Building the Wall (that Mexico will pay for)

approximately  equals:

430,000 Scholarships of $30,000.00

170,000 Moderately Priced Homes

200,000 Fully Loaded  Mercedes-Benz GLE

1,000,000 Economy cars

Completely Pay for Hurricane Micheal Damage

sadly, pay for two weeks of the war in Iraq at it’s height.

So when someone attaches the word “only” to the cost of the Wall I have to ask.


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