Happy Holiday…or not?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Fröhliche Weihnachten, and perhaps another dozen or so greetings and wishes of peace and merriment at the winter solstice.  Some of us would argue that if you don’t say Merry Christmas that you are somehow not celebrating or conveying the meaning of this time of the year.  For the christian world it is the birth of Christ, for a practicing Druid it’s the end and the beginning of a new life.  So, why are we so offended by Happy Holiday.  

Holiday:  as per the Online Etymology Dictionary

holiday (n.) 1500s, earlier haliday (c. 1200), from Old English haligdæg “holy day, consecrated day, religious anniversary; Sabbath,” from halig “holy”

A Holiday is supposed to be a day or days of no work, contemplation, renewal and reflection.  Or is some circles it’s and extended “vacation”.  So why so upset when someone wishes you “Happy Holiday”  If it’s the commerce of “Christmas” that has your feathers ruffled then save your money and don’t buy gifts.  If it’s because non Christians also celebrate Christmas then perhaps you should not be so selfish.  If you think you are putting Christ back in Christmas simply by saying “IT” then you have missed the mark.  If one claims Christianity their actions alone will announce to others their faith.  No symbol, no prayer, no holiday  will be their hallmark.  As the hymn proclaims “Know that we are Christians by our song”.  

The idea that everyone should be “Christ in Christmas” compliant can also be somewhat of a misguided philosophy given that only about 1/3 of the population at large consider themselves Christian.  Not to be mistaken with a belief in God.  Most of us believe in Intelligent Design beginning with the Big Bang,  eg: God.  So I ask you.  Please don’t look at me like I’m a dolt or neanderthal because I extend to you a truly heartfelt Happy Holiday.


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