Stoneman Douglas High School, Bellwether or Flash in the Pan?

Will the demonstrations, marches and outcry for safety and gun control weather the dozen or two months until many of the student activists are eligible to vote?
Will it be the beginning of a new political era that defines itself with pragmatic, empathetic and reachable goals or be overwhelmed by big money and big politics? Will the judicial, constitutional and legislative hostage taking by the NRA prevail?

Politics as usual took a backseat during the elections of 2016. Will politics again see a new paradigm in 2020? Over the next two years roughly 7.5 million high school students will be eligible to vote. Those filled with the fever of positive change have the potential to swing elections across the country. Their collective kinetic energy can be a tsunami of positive change.

Former Senator Rick Santorum suggests that these students time would be better spent learning CPR or perhaps learning how to duck and cover whilst providing first aid. Senator Marco Rubio offers milquetoast solutions and no indication that he makes decisions independent of gun lobby influence.

Some conservatives and the NRA would have you believe the nonsense that recent protests are being organized and funded by anonymous billionaires. They believe the students are incapable of the intelligent problem solving, organizing or the dedication to execute such important actions. These marches and protests are from the grass roots and threaten the establishment.

Lobbyist and politicians are forced to take notice. Conservative and liberal partisans alike will not be able to soft soap responses to the questions raised by these students. It is no longer just a kitchen table discussion. It’s a front and center issue that if not acted on by current legislatures then undoubtedly the next general election will prove the durability and resolve of those “kids”.


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