Disorder affects 60% of Americans

Some research points to a new and troubling disorder… (POTUS)

University of Ido’no researchers have identified a new and troubling syndrome now prevalent in approximately sixty(60) percent of the general population across the United States. POst Traumatic Undefined Syndrom (POTUS) Has been linked to high blood pressure, mood disorders including depression and lethargy, increased alcohol consumption and premature aging.

The exact causation is still unknown however some researchers indicate the manic approach to international and domestic politics, public ridicule of government, bombastic unfounded accusations, exaggeration, self praise, sophomoric ramblings and outright lies may be contributing factors.

(POTUS) is often manifested by lack of energy, reluctance to get out of bed and shutting off from family and friends. Unnatural fear of going outside due to the looming threat of Nuclear Fallout or invasion by Russian operatives with military grade nerve agents or polonium syrettes. The constant feeling of dread, and an unfeeling and unresponsive administration are also exacerbating factors.

Perhaps too that administration “Accomplishments” are predominately done by reducing or eliminating safety factors for the environment, banking system, economy, international trade, treaties with allied and non-allied nations (keeping in mind that treaties are supposed to be durable over generations, not administrations) and dare one say, Healthcare.

Never knowing which side of his mouth President Trump will speak from causes his allies and detractors both to reel in surprise every time he lets his fingers do the talkin’. Since taking office Mr. Trump, has in the same voice both praised and condemned. He has been manipulated by special interests that he himself cautioned congress not to fear or pander to, and even lent credence to known hate groups. Additionally, vindictive firings of long-term dedicated public servants has no place in government, especially from the Capitol.

With research continuing, (POTUS) continues to plague many Americans. A cure may not be ready until late 2020 however clinical trials are underway in hopes of finding an early cure.

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