Cheaters Never Prosper?

Cheating, bribery, payoff’s to “fixers”.

Thank goodness, for the first time in two years they’re not reporting about Trump.

No, it’s the uber wealthy and some celebrities.  Seems they were/are stacking the deck for their offspring so as to secure their individual fiefdoms and further their legacies. I’m not sure this is news.

It’s no secret that cheating in school is commonplace. Some suggest that between sixty and eighty percent of college students cheat routinely or have cheated. Just Google “term paper” and see how many term paper mills or subject matter experts offer their “service”.  Nor is it cloistered information that with enough influence (money) no university door is closed. Whether it be a legacy admission, mega-donation to an institution, or outright payoffs the system is rigged.

I’m not saying that deserving students don’t somehow manage to beat an otherwise rigged system, I’m just saying that the “helped” candidates are allowed to “win” with a perhaps a limited skill set that otherwise wouldn’t them get passed their first interview.

Since the baby-boom it seems that we have dumbed-down every aspect of education and at the same time exponentially increased the level of education (onpaper) required by school systems to “teach”.

Subjects once taught in High School now may not be in the training syllabus until college.

Grade inflation to is problematic. It establishes a false narrative that elevates average to superior and superior to incomparable.  No one, not even Hawking could achieve 101%

I’m not suggesting that anyone without credentials should be in the classroom however, there is also no reason why we in some cases insist that a teacher enter a masters program, or require multiple disciplines to teach primary school.  It under utilizes their skill set and unduly inflates their salary.

I venture a guess that a third grader in 1950 could probably read and write as well or perhaps better than a third grader in 2019. The point being that to teach at that grade level in 1950 many teachers only had a HighSchool Diploma and a Teaching Certificate. Digressing.

Raging against this machine may be late in coming but calls for a much broader look into University and College systems and revisiting everything from federal and private funding to education standards and methods of evaluating the student.

The current paradigm of entrance examinations, evaluation of past academic performance and probability of future success may need an overhaul but more importantly re-introducing honesty is the first step to leveling the field of academics.

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