Over 18, TTS May be a Problem

Between 49% and 56% of all Americans over 18 suffer from TTS!

What is TTS? Who is afflicted? What are the symptoms? Can it be prevented? Is there a cure?

Toxic Trump Syndrome (TTS) is a psycho-neuro disorder which effects mood, sleep, language, ability to reason and in some instances, uncontrollable nausea.

Manic mood swings associated with TTS are often so deep as to cause otherwise healthy individuals to exhibit manic behavior, depression, fear and anger.

Sleeplessness associated TTS is often accompanied by hellish nightmares, night sweats, bed-wetting, muscle aches, tremor, cramping and thrashing.

Language skills are diminished, limiting conversation to the vocabulary of a ten year old with interleaved expletives. Speech is limited to incoherent ramblings and child-like playground speak. Also manifested is the inability to share more 240 characters (48 words) at a time.

The inability to reason not only affects those diagnosed with TTS but the population at large. TTS causes daily if not hourly miss-direction, lack of focus, wasted energy, unreasonable fear, and dislike if not hatred for fellow citizens. Is there a Fox in the hen house?

There is currently no effective prophylactic for TTS.

Relief from TTS may take time. It may take between two and six years before a cure will be ready for human trials but hope looms. Some relief from TTS can be found in reading credible news sources, not believing everything one sees or hears on electronic media including T.V., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. etc. Believe what you see, what you know to be true, what is verifiable by multiple sources and include overseas media. The Japan Times, BBC, or Der Spiegel may provide a better picture to how TTS effects you. Listen, Learn, Think.


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