The Trump post-presidency would be ….??

It’s no surprise that the President of the United States is the most powerful person on the planet. It is also no surprise that many former presidents have been prolific working to bring about positive change and raising the social and moral conscience of the people they once served as president. Like retired athletes and solider’s some help provide homes for the poor, and encourage the wealthy to benevolence. There also those who continue to pad their respective accounts as “talking heads” and continue to enhance their respective areas of influence. They revel in the spotlight. Hyper-egos that require daily feeding, hyper-egos that suck the air out of a room and leave little else, hyper-egos that pale by comparison to that of Donald Trump.

With rare exception, presidents are on the most part are full of themselves. On a world stage the “Leader of the Free World” must reflect confidence, worldly presence and intellectual and physical strength but by the same token must know that humility, compassion and empathy are just as important. (how to be a nice guy without being a punk) There is no room for unlimited power in the hands of a bully.

That is how I view Mr. Trump. He’s like a WWE evil star that all the fans love to hate. They purchase his memorabilia and buy into the shallow words that confuse leadership with oligarchy, or physical power with strength of character. Last November the electorate choose Mr. Trump, he has become the most powerful person on the planet. That comes with the office but, what about his post presidency? He will still wear the crown.

The next president will take a back seat to “The Donald” as he will leave with the same sphere of influence he entered the office with, but enhanced with all the political open doors, national secrets, global political access, and endorsement desirability that no other post-presidency has ever enjoyed. The question is, will Mr. Trump use his omnipotence for the betterment of the Republic? Perhaps go quietly into the night, or fearfully, rage against the dying of the light and attempt to govern beyond the office?

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