Memorial Day 2019

image037Memorial Day 2015 Edited 27 May 2018

According to The Polynational War Memorial since 1900 there have been 265 wars around the world. There are approximately sixty-two armed conflicts currently underway around the globe. Nearly every nation has felt the sting of armed conflict, apartheid, slavery, forced exile, genocide, and injustice.

Causes notwithstanding, remembering our nations war dead is our just duty.

    When John McCrae in Flanders penned
    Had hoped that field of patriots dead
    Would be that beacon, the banner red
    Could be that last, that field of dead

    That soldiers bled would be the last
    To perish from the canons blast
    The war that ended all wars more
    That bloodied field, and moor, and shore

    But greed and avarice and bigots breed
    Then did fear and hatred seed
    Another world at bloody war
    That fowled field and moor and shore

    Then those patriots of every creed
    Would bleed and die for another’s need
    In hopes again that nevermore
    Would trouble field and moor and shore

    The guns fell silent a short time there
    When atomic power did fill the air
    But “quiets time” was not long lived
    When fear and hatred again survived

    My faith is strong, my nation great
    Again it fostered greed and hate
    It’s mine the oceans, sea, wind and land
    My god has granted me this stand
    From Golan to Sahara’s sand
    From New York to the Silver Strand
    From Asia’s crown to Ireland
    My god has granted me this stand
    It gives me right, it gives me cause
    To raise up arms and prove my laws

    Again wage war, must take a stand
    Protect us all, our motherland
    Perhaps again let this one more
    Be the war to end all war

    But keep in heart and mind and soul
    Our hero’s Sleep
    Or bodies bent and broken keep
    The hope the prayer that nevermore
    Will bloody field or moor or shore.

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