Gripe    Webster says:  To cause sharp pain in the bowels of. To irritate: annoy. To grasp : seize.  to complain naggingly or petulantly.

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Sheet    Webster says:  A rectangular piece of cotton or other fabric serving as a basic article of bedding.  A broad, thin, usu. rectangular piece of material as paper, metal, glass or wood.

Contribute to the Gripe Sheet.  Submissions should be 500 words or less and will be posted UNEDITED.   Please keep it clean, keep on point and avoid items of a personal nature. 

When put together the words gripe sheet become something more.
Its a list of faults, or mechanical problems usually noted in an aircraft by the pilot or crew.  A gripe sheet is also often seen by some technicians and mechanics as whining.  In any case the second half of a gripe sheet is the FIX.  Sometimes it means entire systems have to be to replaced.  Sometimes it means only an adjustment need be made or a part replaced and from time to time there is


Government, Politics and Economics can often be the same.